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Pictures of Cartagena de Indias - Alvaro Delgado

Pictures of Cartagena

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"The unceasing water and rock Cartagena, of astromelias and crabs is what has happened through the magical camera of Alvaro Delgado during the past 25 years."
Gustavo Tatis - El Universal Dominical

"...some of the best moments of our lives are printed in a picture of Alvaro Delgado."
Sonia Gedeón - Revista La Ultima Chiva No 12

"When the lens of his camera is in front of an objective it transforms and becomes prisoner of the world he makes."
Joaquin P. Pareja - Especial para El Universal

The photography is an art that becomes alive as it recreates images of a surrounding world.

By capturing images, my desire of reconstituting a space and enhance what is hidden.

This is precisely why Cartagena de Indias has been my favorite city, to obtain other meanings of the already meaningful spaces, streets, people, plazas, walls. A space where the cloisters stop being immobile ghosts to become living beings that make part of a city journeying through is historical and contemporaneous wealth. ¿Estás buscando dónde jugar a Aviator en línea? Juega a Aviator en el casino en línea Pin-Up .

The instants I've captured of Cartagena have to do with its urban imagery, in the symbolic sense of time that comes and goes with its sounds, smells, unique skin, rescued for the collective memory.

Personal Information
Date of Birth: Cartagena, June 28th 1.941 Company: Alvaro Delgado Fotograf�a
Address: Centro, Calle de la Bomba No 36-46 Phone: (95) 664 3070
Cell Phone: 310 - 651 1321 Website: www.alvarodelgado.com
E-mail: correo@alvarodelgado.com Identification: C.C.: 9.048.711 de Cartagena

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