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Pictures of Cartagena de Indias - Carlos Hoyos

Pictures of Cartagena

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By Eduardo Serrano

Carlos Hoyos is a photographer from Caldas that invented a new system of aerial photography; he built a small helicopter to which he adapted cameras that allow to register any type of situation, construction or panoramic from unknown points of view. It is important to remember that in 1858 Nadar made photographic registries from a balloon which shows that the challenge of aerial photography is very antique and throughout history there has been more and more technology apt to capture the world from the air. Only now, thanks to the contribution of this Colombian photographer, is that aerial pictures may be taken from vehicles that not only manage to stay static at determined heights, but are so small that may be introduced through angles, cracks and corners where other types of air transportation find it impossible to maneuver.

Apart from the remote control system that allows him to steer the helicopter, Hoyos has equipped his cameras with a mechanism that allows him to manipulate, turn, set the frame and correct the focus through wireless means. The photographer uses commercial cameras which undergo certain adjustments and transformations to make them lighter and allow their hitching to the helicopter.

Through this ingenious manipulation of accessories, Hoyos has been dedicated to take pictures with artistic ambitions, specially of urban and rural landscapes, though he has also photographed buildings and monuments. In all of them the photographer shows a great sense of equilibrium and symmetry, a special aptitude for eloquent angles and frames and an innate attraction towards defined forms and luminous, sometimes contrasting chromatics.

Hoyos generally prints his images horizontally, in landscape manner and on water color paper showing his inclination towards photographic pictorialism, this is an old current that was born with Fox Talbot and whose adepts practice as a photography that looks like a painting in its presentation, values and appearance. But it is not only because of the paper of his pictures that they look like watercolor paintings, also the luminosity and transparency as well as a somewhat lyric accent in his themes
His exposition constitutes an interesting amalgam of technological and artistic experimentation that allows us to contemplate unedited views of familiar and unknown places and it seems to provide us with a par of wings to look at the world.

Solo Exhibitions
2005 “Carlos Hoyos: Botero al Aire libre”
Seyhoun Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
  “Carlos Hoyos: Aviation, Study #1”
Quinta Galeria, Cartagena, Colombia
  “Carlos Hoyos: Botero Sculptures”
Museo de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
  “Carlos Hoyos: Aviation, Study #1”
Downtown Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2004-05 “Carlos Hoyos: Aviation, Study #1”
Inter-flight Studio (IFS), Miami, Florida
  “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Hennessy & Ingalls Art + Architecture Books, Santa Monica, California
2004 “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Art for Movies Gallery, Beverly Hills, California
  “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Quinta Galeria, Bogotá, Colombia
2003-04 “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Galeria Chica Morales, Cartagena, Colombia
2003 “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Museo Naval del Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia
  “Carlos Hoyos: Cartagena, Vision Panoramica Desde el Aire”
Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California
Group Exhibitions
2005 “UN Pavilion 2005 Expo”
Aichi, Japan
2004 Colombian Consulate
Amsterdam, Holland
  Colombian Consulate
San Juan de Puerto Rico
  “4a Muestra Documentales y Fotografias de America Latina”
Madrid, Spain Mexico City, Mexico, Bucharest, Romania, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Ciudad Real, Spain, Albacete, Spain, Barcelona, Spain
2003 Colombian Consulate / Screening Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
Selected Public Collections
  Museo de Arte Moderno
Cartagena, Colombia
Museo Nacional de Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia
  Museo de Antioquia
Medellin, Colombia
Museo Universidad de Antioquia
Medellin, Colombia
Selected Private Collections
  Fernando Botero
Paris, France
Enrique Grau
Cartagena, Colombia
  Eduardo Serrano
Bogotá, Colombia
Alfonso Lopez Michelsen
Bogotá, Colombia
  Alex Slato
Long Beach, CA
Henry Laguado
Bogotá, Colombia
  Janet Chaplin
Cartagena, Colombia



Web site: www.carloshoyos.com

E-mail: carlos@carloshoyos.com


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