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4 Restaurants with the best international gourmet and typical food from Cartagena. The guests at Las Américas who have demanding tastes will find full satisfaction to their gastronomic preferences, either at the elegant and exclusive environment of our restaurant "El Comedor de los Reyes" to enjoy the sophistication and formality of food from a menu, or the informality of the restaurant "El Mesón de Don Cristóbal" with international food. The guests will also be able to taste a delicious barbecue at the welcoming "Fogón del Navegante" or delight themselves at the beach with exquisite typical food at "Kiosco Cielo Mar".

El Comedor de los Reyes
Delight yourself with a Light Menu and the most select dishes and wines from the international cuisine, all in a delicately decorated environment you´ll have the chance to choose between air conditioned or a spectacular deck over the pool.

El Mesón de Don Cristóbal
An ample tropical terrace open from 6 am until midnight, you will always find a varied combination of dishes and daily will be able to enjoy the most exquisite buffet.

Fogón del Navegante
Outside, just next to the pool, with its tables under the shade of leafy trees protecting it from the brilliant sun of Cartagena, delight yourself with the already famous delicacies that come out of its grill.

Kiosco Cielo Mar
Next to the beach, during the day it is a spectacular seafood and typical restaurant as well as a bar to refreshen while enjoying our beaches.  
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